SMS Clinic

furthering mobile health research


For our first project, we're carrying out a mobile health study in The Gambia, where we will implement a small-scale SMS-based system for administering surveys. The focus of our survey questions is malaria, and we're looking to understand prevalent practices and the extent of the impact of the disease. 

The aim of our study is to create a system with incentive structures that systematically produce high response rates. An important issue encountered by many mHealth studies is that participant response rates are too low. We will have multiple cohorts of participants, each receiving a different incentive structure, and we hope to demonstrate that our cost-effective incentive structures are effective in retaining participants.


SMS Clinic has teamed up with the African Cultural Exchange, and has planned a trip for the Summer of 2016. During our trip we will visit a number of hospitals, clinics and non-profit organizations, where we'll meet with leaders who will provide valuable feedback for the next steps in the development of our project.

Our friends at the African Cultural Exchange have been instrumental in planning the trip. They helped us figure out accommodations, our itinerary, and which organizations to visit.

While we're there, we'll also be recruiting participants for the study. Once participants have been recruited, we'll be able to begin carrying out our surveys.